While no definite decision has been made on when exactly we will pursue IVF, we have basically decided that this is the best way for us to achieve our goal of getting pregnant in 2012. While I’m very afraid of investing every penny and then some, I’ve hit the point where I’m more tired of every month feeling like a failure.

At the very least, I’ve decided to be more proactive.

I called the RE’s office today. I left a message for the lady in charge of the finances, who has not yet returned my call. I did get ahold of our nurse in charge of coordinating the IVF and found out a bit of preliminary information.

At this clinic, to start an IVF you begin 2 months ahead of time. The first month, they obtain updated Day 3 hormone levels, HEP (I hung up without asking what this was….) and apparently even do a mock transfer to figure out where to place the embryos (like test driving a car?). I’m expected to have a “very flexible” morning schedule for the 2-3 weeks before retrieval, and to take off of work the day of retrieval and possibly the day after. I would also need to take off the day of the transfer and will be on bed rest for 48 hours after. (Holy hell, I SUCK at sitting still let alone lying still for 2 days)

We also scheduled an appointment with the RE for January 13 (Friday the 13th, ironically), when I’m also hoping to be able to speak to the finance lady if she doesn’t call me back and ask about the possibility of egg sharing/donation if that would apply for me.

Unexpectedly, even though we’ve made no decision yet, I feel more lighthearted than scared. Its kind of a relief. We will see how I feel once a decision is made but, for now I welcome the change of peace.