I love to read.

But when I say I love to read, I mean love to READ. Like an actual book. It took me awhile to acclimate to the idea of an e-reader even, and I typically love new technology. I just like books. I like the feel of books, the smell of books (weird, I know) and having a bookshelf full of books.

(A cute or funny picture found on pinterest was supposed to go here. But alas, pinterest has failed me, and the site is not working correctly right now. So please use your imagination and picture a funny picture here)

Last Christmas, hubby got me an e-reader. I do really like it. Its MUCH easier to read on the elliptical machine with one. And that in and of itself is a good reason for me. I H.A.T.E trying to fit the book in the stupid little book things that don’t even stick out far enough for all the pages. Plus? It ruins my pages. And then I usually have to hold the book with one hand so it doesn’t fall out. I don’t quite hate it as much as the hamster wheel (i.e. treadmill) because not only am I not going anywhere, but I can’t read on it, because I start to get all queasy.

But I digress.

Usually while running I listen to music. I love that, too, but only for so long. I have a really long run scheduled for tomorrow, and am on my own this time. WTF am I gonna do to keep myself entertained?

A coworker suggested an audiobook. Well, why didn’t I think of that?

I have to admit, I’m skeptical. The father of my ex listened to Harry Potter in his car which I consistently razzed at him for. (perhaps because he was a 50 something year old man listening to Harry Potter) I just couldn’t get over the British dude attempting to use different voices. Thanks, but no thanks.

Unfortunately I have no choice here. I’m pretty sure attempting to read while running, while funny looking, would be both vomit and injury inducing. So a few days ago I got on itunes to browse. Huh. There are quite a few audiobooks out there. And unfortunately again, they are also more expensive than regular books. And I don’t even get to put it on my bookshelf when I’m done. And apparently sometimes two versions of the same book that are different prices? And I’m using alot of and’s in this paragraph.

Apparently there is “abridged” and “unabridged”. Unabridged is essentially reading the entire book from cover to cover ( I wonder if this includes the table of contents if there is one?), every single word. Which is exactly how I expected a book to be read. Duh. Abridged is a condensed version. I find this one hard to imagine. I picture it like reading a book, getting to page 52, and finding pages 52-70 are missing. Then reading to page 84 and finding that 84-100 are missing. Like, wouldn’t you be missing some essential information? And if its not essential, why is it in there?

Clearly I’m going with the unabridged version.

So a few minutes ago I painfully forked over nearly $20 for the experience of listening to a book. But, if it keeps me entertained tomorrow, will be totally worth it.

To be continued.