Week 12 – 13 miles.

Running buddy and I were reunited today.

Our maturity continues to stand out.

I finally got to pick up my race stuff from The Evil Race, which I had completely forgotten about. I was excited to find that even though the race was evil, the stuff was cool. This one in particular came with a long sleeved shirt (my favorite), a balloon and a coupon for a free donut. Sweet! It also had a granola bar, but I ate that.

Today was Lynnsey’s longest run since her bike injury a couple weeks ago, and my “easy” week as far as long runs go. She’s signed up for a half marathon next week and is shooting for under a 10 minute mile.

Today’s run, by the numbers:

Miles run: 13.1 (though we did cut through a parking lot, so it may be a bit less)

Time spent running: 2 hours, 6 minutes, 24 seconds

Minutes per mile: 9:38

Number of minutes my fingers were numb: about 20

Number of hero bike injury stories: 0 (Final score Curb: 1 Lynnsey: 0)

Number of people who waved at us: 3

Number of people who gave us WTF looks: too many to count

Number of near death experiences: 2 (see also: number of times the bird was flipped)

Number of condoms spotted on the side of the road: 1

Number of clothing items stripped off: 2 (don’t get too excited, it was a jacket and an ear warmer)

Number of “why the heck did I sign up for this?” comments: 1 said out loud, about a million thought I’d imagine

Number of times I thought about coffee: too many to count

Number of people spotted with coffee who I gave a dirty look: 1

Number of things I have so far on my “you know you’re a crazy runner when” list: 10

Number of times we stopped to stretch: 3

Number of times I, like, caught myself saying the word “like”: way too many

Number of made up words: 3 (clomment, foots and ducken)

Number of duckens we saw: about a dozen (they looked like a chicken duck combo – hence the term)

Number of donuts I pictured myself eating: about 6

Number of runs left till race day: 24 (!!)