Happy ICLW!

I’m a fairly new blogger and this is my first month participating in ICLW. Please bear with me 🙂

A little intro: our infertility struggle is shared. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and a blocked tube. Thankfully I still ovulate on my own. Dh has low sperm count and is currently taking HCG shots in hopes for more swimmers. His first post shot SA showed 5 million. Our last SA showed nearly 10 million swimmers and he is due for another early next week. At this point we are waiting it out to see if they work. Our RE told us that IVF is our only other option right now and we arent in a financial position to do it yet.

I’m a runner also, and have found it to really help me keep my sanity through all of this. Im training for my second marathon while we wait it out (however I will totally take a miracle pregnancy in the meantime). I write about infertility, running and everything but the kitchen sink. So you’ll find a little of everything here! My main goal is to find and share humor in all the frustration. A little laughter always helps.

Hope you like it!

*For anyone who is thinking “what the heck is ICLW?”, its International Comment Leaving Week