I love my job.

I really do. There are definitely rough days for sure, but overall I feel like I’m making a difference (at least somewhat) and at least a few times a kiddo says something that just makes me LOL

Kids say the darndest things

  • Once I needed to use the restroom and half a 99% empty coffee cup behind. When I returned, a couple of coffee spots had appeared on my piece of paper. I knew how it happened but wanted to see what would be said. Here is the conversation as it unfolded:

Me: What is this on the paper?

Kid: It coffee

Me: Did you spill it?

Kid: No, I drink it.

  • While labeling some objects, a kid pointed to a clock and stated very clearly “clock”, only his rendition left off a rather important consonant. You know, the one that differentiates the item that tells time vs. well…you know.
  • Once a kid looked down at my feet and asked “why do you have hair on your toes?”
  • I use the word wait alot. Usually with my finger pointed in the “give me a minute” position. Today while playing, a kid looks at me, holds up a finger and goes “wait”……”wait”.
  • Once a kid was describing to me the activity the kid wanted to do while we worked, and after the description was over, stated “because that’s how it works”
  • Once I asked a kid why we wear coats. The answer, which I can’t fully remember, involved the following statement “because you could end up under a sign that says RIP…..with x’s over your eyes”
  • One ended almost every statement with the word “baby”. I.E. Who’s food is this? The cat’s, baby!

This isn’t to say that I never said or did dumb stuff as a kid. My parents like to tell the story about a book they read to me quite often that had something to do with pine trees and cones. Having most of the book memorized, I apparently recited a page by saying “pine trees with cones….chocolate and vanilla”

Then there was the time I apparently closed myself in a closet and sing a Lionel Richie song

A bit embarassingly, I admit that I sucked my thumb until I was seven. In an attempt to get me to quit, my parents agreed that if I stopped for 30 days I could get my ears pierced. Apparently they had tried the bitter apple stuff, to which I had just licked it off, made a face, licked it off, made a face etc and continued to suck my thumb as normal. Since I badly wanted my ears pierced, I readily agreed. Three days in, my dad caught me sucking my thumb and told me I needed to start over. A crying fit ensued, where I begged and begged to please not have to start over. My dad thought for a moment and said “ok, we’ll just tack 3 days on the end instead”…….to which I replied “ok!”

Well played dad, well played.

                                                             (that was not me)

Please share your favorite story!