I realized recently, while looking at my fertility friend calendar, that mother nature can be really cruel.

The end of my current cycle, and the due date of my next unwanted visitor is Thanksgiving Day.(and likely Christmas, also) Meaning that come Thanksgiving, I’m either going to be thankful for everything on earth, or thankful for whoever is refilling my glass of wine. (Riesling, please!)

My first instinct is to approach this situation with the mindset that it’s probably not going to happen anyway, so I might as well just expect the visitor to show up. However, according to The Secret, I’m supposed to be practicing picturing myself holding a positive test come Turkey Day (and I don’t mean positive for massive food overconsumption)

Which brings me to my question. Believe the glass is half full, or half empty?

To be fair, I’m not an always positive, always look on the bright side,run skipping through fields while holding hands in the sunshine kind of person. Bryan would more than likely pin me as a glass half empty kind of person. I tend to look at things as “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”, which I think would probably be interpreted as more pessimistic.

I like to say, because I’m both argumentative and sarcastic, that I’m being realistic. I would claim here that the glass just has half. However, there is a somewhat legit fight for both sides here.

Everyone knows the claim that positive thinking = a happier person and that finding the best in the worst situation causes less stress and depression. Heck, even the Secret claims that the universe essentially answers your thoughts, whether positive or negative.(i.e. glass half full)

On the other hand, as ANNOYING as it can be to hear “just quit trying and it’ll happen”, its uncanny the number of times I’ve heard that exact thing has happened.  (i.e.  situation hopeless or glass half empty)

Bryan is a bit more glass half full, so you can probably see where we might butt heads here. I’m trying to explain the logic and statistics of the situation, and he thinks I’m being too negative. The is part of the reason why things like The Secret are difficult for me to grasp. I’m too logical.  Being the type of person that also needs to have the last word (do not!), it’s kind of an issue that ends at the stalemate. We agree to disagree.

Since this wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t say or do something like a smart@$$, I’m going to completely disregard the entire fight for both sides and say my glass has wine in it, so who cares?

Also, I totally want ice cream now, so if I have ice cream too, the above is even more true.

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