I grew up in the great Buckeye state. And by Buckeye I’m personally referring to the yummy mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. I could care less about football or the Ohio State Buckeyes, nor do I have a particular fondness for the tree.

What I didn’t realize until I moved here, is that for some reason that I have yet to understand, alot of people really HATE Ohio.

The first I heard of this was The Riverdogs’ Go Back to Ohio night , where, residents of Charleston vote on which visitors they would like to send back, and not only did Ohio win easily, but was apparently also the winner for the 3rd straight year. The idea was the best dressed Ohioian won a one way bus ticket back to Ohio.


There’s even an I Hate Ohio Facebook page.

Granted, every state has one. The difference is, though, that the other random states I tried (Idaho, South Carolina and Texas) have a few hundred likes a best. The Ohio page has over 4,000.

(Yes, I laughed.)

Apparently a poll was also taken of 127 million people in October 2010 that deemed Ohio the worst state ever. I’d supply the link but it was broken. Maybe one of the Ohioans rioted.

(I laughed at that, too.)

I even found this classy joke:

What’s round at both ends and high in the middle?

Hell on earth.

(I’ll be retelling THAT one)

Now granted I didn’t do any extensive research but from what I did do, I couldn’t find one legit reason to hate Ohio. Other than the fact that its boring. And cold. And depressing.

But it has Cedar Point and Amish country, so there’s that.

I have to admit though, I’m surprised at how many people I’ve met here who have moved from Ohio. What I don’t get is why its such an issue. But if we’re going to make fun of Ohio for no real good reason, let’s pick on some other states, shall we?

How about the fact that Missouri sounds alot like misery? I’d rather live in Ohio.

Or the fact that Idaho, if sounded out the right sounds like I – da (the) ho. Yup- Ohio.

Lets not forget Hawaii. Its in the middle of the ocean! And its tropical. And warm year round. And lots of beaches…..yeah that one doesn’t work. I’d definitely leave Ohio for that.

North and South Dakota? Middle of nowhere. I’ll take Ohio.

Oklahoma is tornado alley. Bring on Ohio.

I moved and stayed out because I hate snow. But other than that, Ohio isn’t so bad. Besides, what other state has cool enough letters to be able to do this:

Rock on, Ohio.