Well crap. I got sucked in. I joined Pinterest

It just got really overwhelming, you know? All these people constantly asking for my ever so crafty home ideas and one of my many many homemade recipes. So I just figured hey, I can pin them and share my domesticated goddess ideas with the world!

Yeah, I’m not crafty, and I hate cooking, so that’s a lie.

Actually it was because I came across quite a few things that really made me laugh (or at least chuckle) out loud. And I really think that one thing I can rely on to help me maintain my sanity through infertility (because my ovaries appear to be on strike right now) is humor. Plus? Qualanayraynaynasha? How can you not laugh at that?

So if you’re not familiar with pinterest, its kind of like a virtual corkboard where you can save and share anything and everything that you find interesting from re decorating ideas to quotes to pictures and funny sayings and everything in between. And there are some pretty creative people out there. A number of times I’ve said to myself “man, what a COOL idea!”. I’m more in search of funny and humor but I’m sure I’ll find something that I want to make and will probably never get around to.

The problem with pinterest is that you can totally lose track of all time and reality. Haven’t had breakfast? Ok, just one more page on pintrest. Late for work? Ok just let me “like” this? Gotta pee? Wait that pin is really funny!

So to you, pinterest, I write an Ode.

A place to share your craftiness

And favorite recipes

Yes I know its dinner time, can you

Just hold on a minute please

A place to share your favorite books

And the best way to do your hair

Despite the fact that the day is gone

And you haven’t left your chair

A place to see what your friends like

And share your favs with them

A place to find what makes you laugh

Oh crap, its 3am.