A few friends at work have been showing me some random posts on pintrest, a site I have been avidly trying to avoid because I can just sense its addictive tendencies.

As I should have expected, though, I’ve been sucked in. Well sorta. I still refuse to create a profile, but I did scan for and save a few humorous things that were shared.

So its Friday today (yay! and thanks for stating the obvious!) and this morning I wake up and check facebook (why I don’t need another addiction) to find that my 87983247th facebook friend is pregnant with child #2.

And because, for the sake of myself, my friends and my marriage, I’m maintaining my sanity, today instead of ranting, I’m sharing some humor.

This one will explain the title:

If you read that and didn’t try to figure out your ghetto name, you are NO fun.

That? Has seriously put me in a bad mood.


You know you’re getting old when….

Proof of my hide a dead body post

And finally…..me

yeah….no comment.

Please share your ghetto name!