Week 7 – 9 miles. (I posted this as week 8 before and now I’m bummed that I thought I was a week ahead!)

Technically last week was supposed to be 9 miles and this week 14, but since I ran the race last week I cheated a little and swapped them.

The following comment should probably be filed under “only things crazy runners would say” but, at 9 miles it was nice to have a shorter run this week.

I think last night must have been the coldest night we’ve had so far this fall, because it was quite chilly this morning. If you’re reading this and happen to live in the North, you’re probably thinking HA!, and, being from Ohio, it admittedly wasn’t THAT cold. BUT, my windows had frosted over, so it totally counts.

So today’s picture is brought to you by “dang its chilly” (just wait till December)

Actually it looks a bit more like we are getting ready to rob something. Hey, whatever.

So we started our run and partway through Lynnsey’s neighborhood we see a big group of ducks. Hey ducks! Quack! Those are cool! And then I actually say ” Hey don’t ducks fly south for the win – oh, wait – we ARE the south.”

Also one thing to note per poor Lynnsey’s mid run pit stop – Mexican food the night before a long run is not a good idea.

Other than that, another week down and we’re almost halfway there.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and the cashier asked me if I was cold in my shorts. Duh. Asking me if I’m cold in my shorts when its 40 something is like asking a person who is half asleep if they are tired, or like asking me if I would like some candy.

Duh. Yes I want candy, and yes I’m cold in shorts right now.

If I were a bird I would totally fly south for the winter in my shorts.