Not a planned one.

Yesterday early morning Bryan went for a run. As I was leaving for work I found him laying on the kitchen floor complaining about back pain that got no better by the time I got home that evening. Oddly enough, I was given an ultimatum – go to Sams Club (he apparently thought he could walk it off), or drive him to the hospital. So we had an unplanned Date Night – to the VA hospital ER.

We got there, checked in, and I was told to wheel him upstairs to x-ray. Immediately upon arrival, Bryan blurts out “she tried to kill me”. Actually I’m pretty sure he said that to the nurse who checked him in, also.

Nice babe.

After that we wheel back down and are placed in this room that looks alot more like one that belongs in a psych ward than an ER. The bed was basically heavily reinforced plastic with a foam pad on it. And the door totally locked from the outside but not the inside. It also had one small rectangular window that my hair stuck to when I leaned against it. In hindsight I’m totally kicking myself for not taking a few pictures because it really would have supplemented the description.
A picture from last weeks’ race that seems to work well for a “why didn’t I take any pictures?!?” facial expression

We entertain ourselves by watching a documentary on dogs on Netflix on my iphone. Over an hour later, the doc finally comes in, decides he was having muscle spasms and goes off to write a script for muscle relaxers and pain killers. Bryan is apparently a better doctor because he asks for some anti inflammatory shot he got the last time this happened (this happened before?) and thirty minutes later he felt much better, we had a script and were off.

On the way out, I asked the nurse if they had a pain in the ass pill, but sadly, they didn’t.

Bryan says hes not going to take the painkillers.

On the way home we stop at Ruby Tuesday for the salad bar. I should have known he had taken the pills when we walked in because he declared to the host “Do you have a veterans discount? I just came from the ER!” and proudly displayed his hospital bracelet. He is also becoming noticably more giggly and “lovey”, for lack of a better word. I think he is starting to feel somewhat like this: (taken from my favorite shirt ever…..which makes me a total nerd)

It seemed to work though because we got a 25% off coupon. (yay insanity!)

Ironically, the evening was much more enjoyable than I ever thought a trip to the ER would have been, and certainly more memorable. Especially the part where he declared his undying love for me while slightly high on painkillers.

Isn’t it romantic?