As part of the separation of a previous relationship, I ended up with a timeshare.

Even with it, I still generally find them to be ridiculously overpriced and, for me, not really worth the money. Still, it situations like this, they are nice to have.

Tomorrow I’m running in the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon. I ran this last year, and with like 4 different timeshare locations here its silly not to make a long weekend out of it. So, we’re staying in a “2 bedroom marsh view”. Descriptions are a bit misleading – its alot like last years “one bedroom ocean view”, where, in order to view the ocean you had to plaster your face against the bedroom window to see it. This is our “marsh view”

Technically you can see the marsh between the houses, so I guess it counts.

The room is really pretty nice actually:


And if you look out the extra bedroom window, you can kinda see the beach: (does this mean we are also a beach view?)

I was taking the picture through a window, so sorry for the poor quality.

At any rate, one thing I dislike about timeshares is that they are constantly trying to get you to buy more points to stay in more of their wonderful resorts. Right. I may have to spend 14k on an IVF, so yes, please sign me up for more of your ridiculously overpriced points. They called me twice before we got here and once right after we checked in….at 9pm, to ask me if I wanted to go to an owners meeting.


What I thought in my brain when she called at 9pm was “Seriously lady, we just got here, and you’re calling me at 9pm to set up a bleeping owners meeting?” *click*

What I actually said (proof that I do at times have a thought to mouth filter) was “actually we are just getting ready to walk out the door” (not a lie).

The other funny thing about hotels is that they all seem to have been decorated in the 80’s and 90’s. I really want to know who picks the bedspreads and curtains to match the ridiculously patterned carpets. Then I knew for sure this place was decorated several years ago when I saw this masterpiece:

That, my friends, is a CD/cassette player.

Is it bad that upon seeing this, I immediately began to sing Ace of Base songs in my head? (I saw the sign!)

Or that now, there are definitely people (kids) out there who would look at this and go “what’s a cassette player?”


I also found this rather amusing:

I guess DUI’s are popular in Myrtle Beach?

So the plan today is to pick up my race packet, go mini golfing (yes, we are nerds), met another friend for dinner tonight and, for me, attempt to enjoy the weekend and not worry about things like work or our general inability to reproduce. (The end of a cycle is looming near…..cue haunted house type music)

At that, after reminiscing about my childhood cassette tape days, I leave you with this: