Ugh. I woke up in a BAD MOOD this morning.

People ask me sometimes why I run so much. Part of it is an exercise habit. Part of it is that I like the results. I do get the “runners high” on occasion. I like being able to eat what I want. But mostly its because of mornings like today.

Contrary to what The Secret suggests, I did NOT wake up this morning, put my feet on the ground and begin to recite everything I was thankful for. Instead I walked around in this cloud of frustration. I did NOT feel like running. BUT, as I am a crazy creature of habit, I laced up my shoes, grabbed my dog (it was still dark) and off I went. I’ve been trying to use the time to think about positive things (too much focus on negative lately), but that just wasn’t happening this morning (So The Secret is a work is progress, ok?). This morning it was all about what’s making me crazy:

My dog knocking over the entire water bowl before I left in his rush to get outside

The fact that, despite getting enough sleep, I’ve been more tired than usual lately

Finances (is anyone NOT stressed over this?)

A certain person, who (and shall remain nameless) has been causing my husband (and therefore me) frustration and heartache over the last several months

The fact that I’m not pregnant yet

The fact that it’s taking so long.

I’m not perfect. I get frustrated. I get annoyed. More often than I’d like. But this morning, I was able to channel all of this and knock out 2.9 miles in 22 minutes and 37 seconds.

Take THAT frustration!