Week 5 – 12 miles 11.6 miles + one softball game

We were tired today. I hate getting up when its still pitch black outside. Lynnsey also ran a race yesterday, and I for some unknown reason have just felt worn out the last couple of days. I think this weeks’ picture summarizes us quite well:

We are sleepy.

While she finished getting ready, I grabbed some M & Ms. Because M & Ms are good ANY time of day, especially 7am.







Unfortunately, as it also happens in races, I think I’ve hit my first “wall”. It was just a tough run. We only went .6 miles over last week and it felt like much longer. Plus, the backs of my legs started to feel super tight around mile 9 or so. That in addition to some tummy rumbles, and Lynnsey’s fatigue from the race yesterday made for a rough run. I know for a fact we got slower as we went along.

Walls suck. They make you wonder why you signed up for this gig. I’m only at week 5 and already feeling kinda blah? I don’t remember hitting one last year, but it was my first marathon, and I didn’t really start training until probably 12 weeks before (plus my brain probably blocked it out). This year I’m following an 18 week plan. Thank goodness for running buddies, they make the whole thing so much easier! I’m hoping next weeks’ half marathon and a slightly shorter run the week after will help get me back into gear.   But we finished, so that’s what counts!

On the topic of tired, I enjoyed part of this mornings’ conversation centering around our husbands’ tendencies to talk in their sleep. Last night I happened to be awake and had the following “conversation” with mine:

Bryan: fertilized eggs

Me: huh?

Bryan: fertilized eggs….they become a zygote?

Me: (I can’t remember for sure but I reply anyway) uh-huh

Bryan: Then what do they become? A bastard?

Me: I think maybe an embryo? (Again, I don’t remember for sure)

Bryan: Oh. Hey, are we both talking in our sleep?

Me: No, you are. I’m awake.

He had no recollection of this conversation this morning.

Good thing he wasn’t getting up to run.