Bryan and I took the dogs on a “hike” today. I use quotations for “hike” because well, its South Carolina and its flat as a pancake, so it wasn’t like we had to deal with any actual elevation. Plus, most of the trail was right beside a road so it wasn’t like we were exactly out in the wilderness. Still, it was nice and the dogs enjoyed it.

I had driven by this particular place and stopped to check it out. I consulted the trail map that described the trails and was surprised to find that there appeared to be what I finger measured as nearly 20 miles of trail.


We weren’t planning on attacking 20 miles of trail today, but just thought we’d see what it looked like.


So we started walking……

Bryan and Chance


Me and Charlie

                                                    You could totally hide a dead body here


As we walked a guy jogged past us back and forth several times, which I thought was kind of odd considering there was so much trail. We reached a point on the way where a sign indicated we were heading back to the parking lot. And, low and behold, after about a 30-40 minute walk, we were back to the car.


I decided to consult the map


Its a bit blurry,  but apparently where I had thought I read the mile scale as 1 mile, it was really 0.1 miles.

Ok, who writes a mile scale like that?

So really, the trail is about 2 miles long.

My bad.

Yes, I have a Master’s Degree, but not in math. Or reading.

At any rate, it was a nice 2 mile walk.