Whew. Ready for the weekend. And a relaxing one at that!

So far it seems like the asthma meds are helping with the running. I managed to squeak out a 5 mile run at an 8:03 pace once this week. (!!)

In other, more exciting news, my best friend Leslie gave birth to a beautiful boy on Tuesday evening.   And I was lucky enough to be present for the birth! (Well, at the hospital taking pictures when they brought him into the nursery).

Unfortunately the little guy is having some complications and is at the NICU at MUSC right now, but thankfully seems to be doing well an can hopefully go home early next week. Much time was spent at the hospital for a couple of days while Mom recovered enough to be able to be with him and hold him for the first time.

I certainly can’t even begin to fathom what its like to have your child and not even be in the same hospital, let alone be able to hold him, but I’m sure I’d be losing my mind. Kudos to Leslie for her strength, and prayers for her and her son for a quick recovery so he can go home!

Being in the hospital was kind of amusing because I still have somewhat of a cough from the asthma flare up I swore was a cold, and I kept waiting to be kicked out of the labor and delivery area of the hospital for being sick. I briefly imagined being drug out by my arms while screaming “no wait! I have inhalers! I’ll show you! I promise! Don’t make me go!!!”


I guess I have a bit of a vivid imagination. 🙂

Unfortunately we did not get much news as far as Bryan goes. Something contaminated his most recent sample and they were unable to do a count. They did say, however, that his hormone levels look good and he goes back for a re-test in a month. Since we can’t afford anything drastic right now anyway, I guess waiting (not patiently!) is what we’ve gotta do. And in the meantime, I can always spoil my “nephew”, right?

Tomorrow morning is another long run, but is pretty easy since its still early in the schedule. Since I’m running the majority of the long runs alone, I’m excited that I get to run with a friend tomorrow! (hey its the little things, right?)