For those of you who did not attend my “sperm themed” surprise birthday party this year….hold on….don’t leave yet. I don’t mean it exactly like you’re thinking……

As part of the ridiculous amounts of testing you undergo for infertility, of course one is where they check the mans’ sperm count, motility (ability to swim) and morphology (do they look normal – two heads is bad). Several months ago Bryan was prescribed some testosterone injections.  Little did we know this injection was causing the pituitary gland to malfunction and stop sending a message to the correct body part (if you think about it you’ll get my drift) to produce sperm. After 6 months off, we have a sperm count of around 5 million. (There is wide variety in what is “normal”, but generally at least 40-60 million).

He’s been getting testing done at the VA hospital and a few days before my birthday told him they would be supplying him with 3x weekly shots of HcG (essentially the pregnancy hormone) to help increase sperm count….and this is where the fun part comes in:

I walked into the house on my birthday to a big group of people and a party complete with:

Sperm shaped cheese






An “oddly” shaped pinana (which I will refrain from posting a picture of as I don’t want to insult anyone)

AND this fabulous cake:

along with the announcement that he would be receiving these shots so we can hopefully still try to give this a go without fertility treatment. (Any man willing to make this announcement in front of a group of our mutual friends is an awesome one!)

Its been about 6 weeks so far and we find out Wednesday if they have had any effect yet.

*Fingers Crossed*