Week 1  long run- 8 miles

Week 2 long run -9 miles

You know you’re totally crazy when you voluntarily sign yourself up for something that involves 18 weeks of training, possible injuries, and hours of running on main roads by yourself, and yet, here I am.

I ran my first marathon here in Charleston last year: (see left)

From what I recall (I think my brain purposely left some of the memories out), the first 20 or so miles were ok, and then my knees (and thighs, and calves, and feet) decided to go on strike, and so I spent the last several miles cursing my various sore body parts, but I finished! And I’m not kidding when I say that I almost cried when I saw the finish line.

And for some reason, unknown to me, I want to do this again.

No, I am not on any drugs. Except inhalers for my recently diagnosed asthma. And a weeks’ worth of an oral steroid. But I’m pretty sure neither cause delusions.

I considered skipping it this year “in case I got pregnant”, but considering the numerous months that have gone by without success I figure, if I’m going to skip everything (including starting this blog) “in case I get pregnant” I’m going to spend most of the next several months or years (hopefully not years) on my couch and what fun is that?

So last week was week 1. Thinking I had a week long ridiculous cough/cold (see asthma: above) I knew the first run wasn’t going to be an easy one. What I didn’t anticipate was stopping every mile to hack up a lung, walk a few seconds and keep going. It reminded me a bit of this video: (unfortunately the picture is messed up now, but you can still hear it – its kinda long but if you start listening about 1:30 of the way in, you get the point….also there is some swearing in this)


I figure I could easily make one of these videos:

Girl: What are you doing?
Me: I am getting ready to run
Girl: But you were up coughing, why are you running?
Me: I am training for a marathon, I must run
Girl: But can you run well while you are coughing?
Me: No, I have get up early to take a puff of my inhaler and shoot some nasal spray up my nose. Then I have to stop about every mile or so, and cough, spit, walk for a about 20 seconds and start running again.
Girl: So what happens when you stop or walk?
Me: I feel better
Girl: So then you shouldn’t run
Me: I am training for a marathon, I must run.
Girl: You are a F*%$ing idiot
Me: But it is week 1 of my training, and I cannot skip a run

Girl: But you are sick

Me: Yes, but I must run. *cough cough* spit. See you later.

Yeah. Luckily week 2 went much more smoothly. Meds help!